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Personnel Profiles: do you have the right people to win?

Personnel Profiles: do you have the right people to win? -

The quality of an entrepreneur's business idea is determined by the quality of the people he or she has on their team.

You may have the best possible business idea, however if you don't have the right people on your team, the idea will eventually fail.

On the other hand, even a "mediocre" business idea, if supported by high quality personnel, will pay back significant profits. The people on the team will find the right niches, the right customers, the right design, the right business alliances.

Smart business owners know this, and that is why they make sure they have the best possible talents on their teams: they hire people for character and train them for competence. On the other hand, struggling entrepreneurs do the opposite: they hire for competence and then, once the person is in the company, they try to fix character. 

In order to win with your company you need to be supported by the right people, people who share your vision and goals, people who support you, people who are able to find solutions rather than giving you problems.

Open Source Management and Paolo Ruggeri have developed a new Personnel Profile (the I-Profile Analysis) that gives great insight into an individual's potential, before you decide to hire. The same tool can give you useful information about the people you already have in the company: are they the right people in the right place? Do they have the potential to make it? Is it you who is failing in managing them or is it simply a lack of potential on their part?

Inquire about the I-Profile Analysis by writing to info@paoloruggeri.net or call us at +1 786 683 73 69