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Open Source Management OSM

Open Source Management OSM -

Paolo Ruggeri is the CEO and founder of OSM.

Open Source Management-OSM www.osminternational.com , helps to transform companies with its unique HR recruitment process, people management and motivation techniques.

From Brazil to the United States, from Spain to England, from Italy to Russia, every day our skilled consultants confront similar challenges to the ones experienced by all fast growing companies in the world.

Over the years OSM International Group has developed a unique approach to improving the attitude, cohesiveness, productivity and motivation of a group by working on its people. Our approach is revolutionary in that it not only consists of several testing, coaching and training activities but it actively involves the top members of the company, the business owner and/or general manager.

We teach our clients exactly what we ourselves have already applied in our company to become one of the modern success stories of our industry. That is the secret of our success: we have already successfully done what we are teaching you.

OSM has offices in the United States, Europe, Brazil, Russia, Qatar and Dubai.

For more information about OSM or to get in touch with one of our consultants write to info@paoloruggeri.net