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Knowing these aspects is important because 20% of the population manages to control 80% of wealth, precisely because they think and act in a counter-intuitive way, that is, in a way that most people would consider wrong. What I am saying is that people who continue to remain endowed with few financial resources, in spite of the passage of time, is because they think in an intuitive way, that is to say in a logical, rational, consequential way.

Trying to decode the principles that led to business success, about 9-10 years ago I began to realize that the principles that had the power to make your company grow, almost all of them had one thing in common: they were counter-intuitive, that is at first sight contrary to logic. I became more and more passionate about the subject and, as my companies grew, I began to fill in longer and longer lists.

I understood that the present business scenario is like a puzzle that, if you play with the rules followed by everyone, you always end up losing or, after having done great laps and even imagining that you have almost won, in the end you always find yourself at the starting point: caged, insecure, at the mercy of circumstances. Practicing and researching the counter-intuitive principles of business ultimately led me to a further great discovery, which was also the discovery of my life: everything in life has a spiritual origin, but this is another more advanced discourse, for another series.

The first counter-intuitive principle that I discovered was the following: the decision to improve oneself by carrying out a practical action in that direction, has an effect on the individual which is often equally beneficial compared to the actual actions that he will put in place to do it. Your life doesn't start to improve when you read the book, your life starts to change and improve the moment you buy it. Thought (or, in this case, decision) often creates more important effects than action. Each of us, if we really want to build successful business, should become a student of all counter-intuitive practices and principles.