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One of the most important rules of business is that it is much more important WHO you do things with rather than WHAT you do.

There are in fact people with whom, ANY business you can start, will be fine. At the same time, there are people with whom ANY business idea that you can try, they will be able to convince you that it has no market.

This crisis will influence many of our habits and, in some cases, what we will deal with. Instead, the rule below will not change: if you do business with the wrong “WHOS”, well crisis or abundance, nothing changes: however, you will not go far.

I see many entrepreneurs worried, rightly, about the liquidity of their businesses. Me too. But if you have not arrived to this crisis in oxygen reserve, maybe it's because you didn't work with the right people in the first place. And if you do not fix it, you will also waste the additional injection of liquidity that the State could give to your company (and on which, even if I continue to ask for it, I tell you I don't believe it).

Who are the right and the wrong “WHOS”?

In my opinion, the right “WHOS” are those who become enthusiast easily. They are the ones that go on, sometimes even stupidly, but that to every business idea that you submit tend to answer you "damn cool!!!" They are not yes men because, in case, the next week they come back to you and candidly and with a smile they say "but look at that idea there, I thought about it a bit and for me it's bullshit, it doesn't work. Let's change it!". But they light up! They charge up, things are possible for them!

The wrong “WHOS” are first and foremost those who don't turn on. Some people are so empty of vital energy that they see nothing beautiful, great, fantastic, only the smallness of their vitality.

Secondly, the wrong “WHOS” are the critics.

In ten years we have conducted aptitude analyzes on about 1% of the Italian population. They are large numbers because we are talking about 500.000 people, perhaps one of the largest studies ever conducted in our country. We have noticed that about 60.76% of the Italian population, six out of ten people, tend to be overly critical and to notice in the ideas and communications of others much more easily what does not work rather than what works. If you showed a gold nugget to these people, they would say that "it is dirty" or "it is chipped". If they speak with great talent they notice that he has dirty shoes or the wrong dialectal inflection, rather than his charge or enthusiasm. These people (and there are many because they are six out of ten) are also the ones you see on the walls of others who make judgments and make people moral. Making a company with this type of people in my experience is a "pain in the ass" because they will continue to show you what does not work rather than what works and, if like me, you are a company opener, you know what I mean.

So: live and face this crisis with great enthusiasm. It will be tough, we will have to be careful and put many things under control. But remember that MUCH more important than what you do, it will be WHO you will do it with.

That, more than anything else or external intervention, will determine your chances of success.