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Leadership and People Management Training

Leadership and People Management Training -

Paolo Ruggeri has delivered his Leadership and People Management Training in 15 countries. From the United States to Dubai, from Australia to Russia, from Italy to Brazil, whenever a manager or business owner attends his special people management program, they change their motivational style and start to see big results when it comes to people performance. 

Here what the attendee to one of his seminar has to say: 

"Hi Paolo,

since your workshop in Sofia I wanted to write to you and just say 'Thank you!'

Well, it obviously took some time because I procastinated it like a pro :)

I would like to give you some feedback about the workshop:

I think it was phenomenal!

Words cannot explain how much I enjoyed it.

I have been to a lot of events but I cannot remember a presenter so passionate and so in love with what his is doing.

I really enjoyed the fact that we have similar values and that you give everything you know and do not hold anything back.

I would like to admit something else as well - I attended your workshop as a guest of one of the partners of the event.

SO it was a free lunch for me and we all know that when you do not pay - you do not pay attention.

I have acquired a lot of things for free in my life and I have valued almost none of them.

Well, this time that was not the case!

I was paying attention every single second, and I was also taking notes.

I never take notes because I always try to pay more attention. This time it was completely different!

I definitely wanted to write down some of the thing you were teaching.

And have already started to apply them ... and well, more time is needed for a plant to grow but some of your advices are already giving preliminary results.

So .. thank you one more time, Paolo"

This special workshop is available in short form, one or two days or in the expanded form as a 4 day special training for the managers of a company. Some of the aspects covered during this training that has been delivered to over 100.000 managers and business owners across the world

1) Are underperforming people the ones to blame or is it yours responsibility? What is the correct answer?

2) How to effectively motivate people

3) Time Management for the top manager: how to save time and yet being effective

4) How to delegate 

5) How to transform and engage people
6) How you should manage and motivate Millennials and Gen Z
7) How to manage trouble makers and lazy people, even in countries where you can't fire them 

8) How to attract and choose personnel

To inquire about a presentation on Leadership and Employee Motivation, or about Paolo Ruggeri Leadership programs, write to info@paoloruggeri.it