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Sometimes in order to make our companies go well, we have to change the energy polarity.

All of us studied the properties of the magnet at school. It was taught to us that similar poles repel each other while different poles attract each other.

It is counter-intuitive, but if your focus is on taking or receiving (e.g. selling, doing business, making money) you will tend to reject all customers or all opportunities. Your desire to receive rejects the whole universe which is polarized on receiving (an observation of other people's behavior will make this evident). This does not mean that you lose sales, but it means that customers-funnel or non funnel-do not call you or call you miserably and insufficiently.

If instead you concentrate on giving and contributing, suddenly the universe (which is polarized on receiving) will come upon you at the speed of light and you will find yourself surrounded by business, possibilities, potential collaborators, opportunities, insights of value.

This is the reason, for example, for which I have decided together to other people to start Imprenditore Non Sei Solo, a non-profit association that helps for free failed entrepreneurs or who are about to lose everything. It cost me so much in terms of money and time, but it COMPLETELY changed the polarity of my energy. The result: 2018 and 2019 were economically thriving years and full of great opportunities and alliances. Obviously this philosophical part alone is not enough. You must also manage well, invest in your marketing, find the right collaborators, organize, exchange in abundance. However, you will find that the universe, if you approach it in the right way and with the right polarity, always responds. And it does it with great abundance and intensity.

These days there are many volunteers from Imprenditore Non Sei Solo or donors who are writing to me about how their companies have found really interesting opportunities even during the crisis.

But making a donation to this or that association, however important for those who receive it, alone is not enough: you have to CHANGE the polarity of the energy, your mission here, your contribution to the society.

If you want things to change, you must change firstly. And it starts with the polarity of your energy.