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Although having the total guarantee that you will NEVER be discovered, benefiting economically by violating ethics will ultimately cost you more than not giving up on the advantage unethically obtained.

If despite having provided a poor service to a customer, I still manage to get paid 5,000 euros, in the end those 5,000 euros will end up costing me much more than 5000 euros.

If I find 2,500 euros on the street and I don't try to trace it back to its rightful owner, having withheld that money will cost me more than 2,500 euros.

If having to share cash with a partner, he accidentally gave me 500 euros more, not returning them, even if he never noticed, it would cost me much more than 500 euros.

What you have gained by not respecting ethics is not yours. The universe will come back to take it.