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I often meet entrepreneurs and managers worried about their time. Some of them feel like they don't have time, they can't manage work-personal life balance, they don't have time to travel, to study, to improve themselves, to do what they enjoy.

And all these people are looking for the following organizational remedy: checklists, diaries, dials. I do not question these systems, since neither am I a drug dealer nor an avid consumer.

But today I would like you to think in a different way: as you abandon your spiritual vision (or linked to your own values) you will have to deal with more and more time problems. The explanation, from a physical point of view, is that time, to be defined, also needs the concept of space. But to get a location in space, you have to abandon the concept of being spiritual, that is something that by its definition has no location in the material universe. In a nutshell: the human spirit is not energy, has no location in space. He is what brings these things to life. So it works like this:

a) You abandon the idea of being a spirit (or, for the less attentive to the affairs of the soul, of being an intangible figure composed essentially of values): stop being guided mainly by values
b) As a material being you now have a position in space and, as such,
c) You are now subject to time and its laws. It is no coincidence that I often repeat that "if you do not have time, it is because you are following someone else's goals or because you have forgotten your true values".

Now some practical and fascinating exercises: if I, despite being overworked, decided to volunteer for our Association Imprenditore Non Sei Solo (which requires that I should dedicate one day a week to this new activity), I would magically feel like I have more time! (Instead of materialistic aspects, in fact, I would be guided by my true values, effectively invalidating the above sequence). At the same time, if I, despinte being always overworked, decided to open an OSM office in Angola (which, although being complex, would be truly aligned with my true values, one of which is expansion), suddenly I would feel like I have more time...Which is like saying: if you feel like you don't have time, stop considering yourself a material object!

Follow your REAL goals, work on the basis of your true values, don't forget who you are!