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I-Profile, A recruitment prediction tool

I-Profile, A recruitment prediction tool -

What do human beings and technology have in common?

Answer: They both run on "software".

A computer, even the most modern and evolved computer in circulation, could not function at its best if it was given inadequate software.

Just as a human being, however productive and successfull they may seem on their résumé, cannot reach their maximum potential if they have "downloaded" the wrong software.

For example, if someone is missing software for "organizational skills", then you wouldn't be surprised to see that their desk is an explosion of documents and they can never find anything.

But how do you find out what kind of software a person has?

This is where the I-Profile Analysis comes in.

The I-Profile Analysis provides you with a better understanding of a candidats software through the the study of "core characteristics". Just a few of these characteristics are the ability to cope with stress/pressure, the ability to stay motivated and to motivate others, and the ability to be persuasive with others and create positive change around them.

Additionally, during the interview process with the new potential candidates and/or internal employees, the I-Profile test triggers the mind of an individual to tell us more about themselves, which helps us to better understand the professional story of their CV/résumé.

In the end, the test is a crucial tool that allows us to predict how much it will potentially "cost" to hire a given person. It takes time, energy, and resources to provide a person with the correct training and "software", and if those costs outweigh the benefit of hiring the person then it is clear that they are not the best option. Furthermore, having a test that clearly illustrates this is valuable in determining whether that person is even willing to acknowledge their short comings and work towards improvement.

Your company needs people who will bring new wealth and resources, not consume them, and the I-Profile Analysis can give you a head start at seeing the difference.

For more information about how the I-Profile Analysis can help your company, or for other services by Paolo Ruggeri and his organization, fill out the form at http://www.paoloruggeri.net/pagine.asp?idp=97 or write to info@paoloruggeri.net