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The I-Profile Analysis

The I-Profile Analysis -
The I-Profile Analysis -
The I Profile Analysis measures how an individual scores on the following “core characteristics”, which cover such personality traits as the ability to cope with pressure, stay motivated and build long-term relationships:

Organization skills – measures short-term planning ability and aptitudes for organization, order and precision.

Self-motivation – indicates levels of ambition, self-confidence and personal motivation, for setting higher goals.

Stress factors – indicates possible sources of worry and distraction that might drain positive energy.

Self-discipline – measures the individual’s reliability, internal discipline and level of personal responsibility.

Assertiveness – identifies the assertiveness of an individual and the ability to face others in an open manner.

Sales aptitude – assess an applicant’s ability to be persuasive and influence others’ buying decisions.

Leadership ability – measures the capacity to engage others in an idea or project and help develop their skills, motivation and abilities.

Proactive outlook – identifies how individuals feel they can influence their own environment and remain solution-oriented.

Understanding others – indicates ability to build quality long-term relationships and perceive the needs of others.

Expansive Nature – identifies an individual’s willingness and ability to approach new people and put them at ease.


Somebody may mistake the I-Profile Analysis for simply being another assessment tool. One among many, such as Disc, 16PF, MMPI, Hogan, etc. While the analysis has a few features in common with the above tools, like a graph and a description of the personal characteristics of the tested individual, in reality it delivers a tremendous value to any organization which cannot be matched by any other assessment tool on the market today.

The I-Profile Analysis is a very effective tool during the recruitment/screening process. In fact it has one of the highest Validity Coefficients, .75, on the market as demonstrated by a 2014 study conducted in the USA.

The I-Profile Analysis has been developed primarily by HR managers and not by psychologists like the majority of all the other assessment tools on the market. Rather than just measuring personality factors, the goal of the HR managers who took part in its development was that of increasing productivity and bringing about company improvements.

Once a company adopts the I-Profile System, the people who will be using it undergo very concise yet effective training with OSM to understand all of its applications within the company.

When a company chooses to adopt the I-Profile System, it gets:

a) A test with one of the highest validity coefficients on the market: effectively measuring what is meant to be measured.

b) A coaching and recruitment tool developed by managers and not just psychologists: it delivers results, not just psychological theory.

c) Top notch training on how to improve the company and bring about more productivity through high potential recruits and a better management style.

d) A competitive advantage against its competition.

The I-Profile system comes with a software that already does part of the screening and tells you the weak and strong points a person has for a specific job. It produces reports for people who may potentially be recruited, as well as for internal employees.

For more information about the I-Profile Analysis or for a free trial, write info@paoloruggeri.net