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How to motivate employees

How to motivate employees -
1) Accept responsibility: start by viewing yourself as the cause of the underperformance or lack of motivation of your staff. If you think this way, 92% of the times you’ll be correct. Leadership and motivation starts with you. 

2) How are you on the emotional side? Are you energetic, enthusiastic, striving to reach great goals? The fact is, if you are not enthusiastic or cheerful yourself, you can hardly hope to motivate others. 

3) What is your goal? And is there something in it for the people who should be following you? What are the rewards (tangible and intangible) for them if you win?

4) Work on people's strengths and they’ll get stronger. If you work the other way around (concentrating on people's weaknesses), they will get weaker and weaker. In personnel management you really get what you push. Study the "law of attraction" and apply it. 

5) Be sincerely interested in your people. Do not treat them as employees, treat them as individuals. Be interested in them, their families, their kids, their aspirations. Remember: they are not employees, they are living beings like you. 

6) Demonstrate competence. 

7) Acknowledge results and good performance as much as you can. 

8) Coach your people often. A real leader is someone who brings his followers to results. It is not the other way around. 

9) Keep a high level of personal ethics. Keep a high integrity, not only at work but also at home. 

10) Always be ahead of the crowd. The job of a leader is to create the future and not to be stuck in the past. 

And remember: if you want things to change, if you want your people to be more productive and more engaged in the company, the first one who has to change is you.