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K2USA: helping companies with people management

K2USA: helping companies with people management -

K2USA, LLC, based in Miami, FL, is the North American subsidiary of OSM International Group, and specializes in Human Resource Management and Consulting.

Through extensive research in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America, K2USA has created a proven method to enhance the performance of your employees, and to fully develop any new talent that may join your firm or organization.

Our experienced team, extensive training, and web enhanced I-Profile Personality Assessment, are just the tools your company needs to grow and succeed, both internally and externally.


Recruitment Assessment

Finding the right people is one of those activities that can make or break a company. Wise business owners know this and therefore invest time and resources to understand exactly who it is they are hiring.

Criminal records and background checks are, of course, very important. But they aren’t the only things that matter. Measuring the ability of the person to be productive and make a difference once he or she joins the team, is just as crucial.

We offer a comprehensive testing tool, the I-Profile Personality Assessment Test, that can help you establish a person’s productivity well in advance.

Internal Assessment

The powerful insight provided by the I-Profile Personality Assessment Test is not limited to simply hiring new talent.

Perhaps one of your employees is not performing properly or you’re not completely satisfied with his or her results.

The big question is, what’s the root of the problem?

Is it you? Are you not managing the employee properly? Or is it the employee? Do they simply lack the ability to complete the task at hand?

As a CEO or COO, the ability to evaluate employees and their potential is a critical and necessary skill for success. Which makes the I-Profile Personality Assessment Test an indispensable resource for any company.

Leadership Training

While I-Profile Personality Assessment Test is the key to unlocking the hidden potential within your own company, it’s still only the first step. K2USA doesn’t just toss you the key and walk away.

We take it even further by providing managers and executives with the tools to create and maintain optimal working groups that are highly motivated to achieve company goals.

Topics covered:

  • The personal qualities of the manager who molds, motivates and nurtures employees.
  • How to “transfer energy” to employees. The successful attitude of a forceful leader.
  • Staff motivation: practical tools for creating close and productive working groups.
  • Leadership: Many would have you believe that this is an innate quality and cannot be learned. K2USA knows otherwise. We show how you, yourself, can be the great Leader your company needs.
  • How to surround oneself with efficient and productive employees.

Public Speaking Training

This purpose of this course is to teach, in depth, the art and cunning of public speaking. Giving you the skills to plan a successful intervention or meeting, and the power to manage and inspire an audience, no matter how difficult it may seem.

Topics covered:

  • Rhetoric, the art of persuasion.
  • The basics of communication applied to an audience . How to convey a message that stimulates action.
  • The elements that determine the success of a speaker
  • How to properly interact with an audience, maintaining a high level of involvement.
  • The ingredients of a motivational intervention that spurs change
  • How to design an intervention
  • Handling Objections

All combined with continuous drilling, so that the person will be able to apply the learned skills without effort.

The course will also include filming of the participants and helpful criticism of their actions so that each student can see what which points of improvement they need to work on.

Find out how K2USA can help you! Contact us at our official site, or write to info@paoloruggeri.net