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Dream 1 Miami LLC: helping business owners invest in the United States

Dream 1 Miami LLC: helping business owners invest in the United States -


Dream, by K2USA, offers you a chance to learn the rules of one of the most competitive, and richest, markets in the world. By participating with us, you too can take advantage of the great expansion the real estate market has been enjoying.

We can give you the chance to INVEST, LEARN, EARN… as well as giving you a front row seat to all the opportunities offered by Miami, a city that is attracting the attention of investors from all over the world. Within the next five years, billions of dollars will have been invested in the infrastructure, and Miami will become the commercial gateway to the United States from South America.

Our mission is to make our entrepreneurs "global". How do we do that? By immediately making it possible for you to operate in the US market with us, by frequenting people who are already working successfully in the market, and from whom you can gain the information you need to start your own USA business.


Every new venture is prone to detours. Missteps, red tape, pot holes… unexpected obstacles that slow you down and drain your energy.

What if you didn’t have to worry about any of that though? What if you had someone else to help, a guide, someone who has already identified the obstacles and knows how to avoid them?

We are that guide. With our help, there’s no need for each and every entrepreneur to re-learn the US market all over again. After all, we are entrepreneurs like you, and our experience investing in the US market reaches across various sectors, from restaurant chains to elevator manufacturing.

With our know-how, you can skip the uncertainty, and focus on the most important part of international expansion: the FUN!

The USA is waiting for you!
You are ready to leave your comfort zone?

For more information, fill out the form here, or write to info@paoloruggeri.net