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I know too little about biology to express myself about the virus, but I know companies well enough and I understand one thing for sure.

a. If you have dedicated less time to self improvement, that is spending time with great minds that can expand your reasoning and teach you something (for example: did you know that Alexander the Great had received private lessons from Aristotle for so many years?)

b. If you have not dealt effectively with the financial management of the company, but left this to the accountant

c. If you have not built an effective marketing structure for your business, large or small, for example, to conduct surveys and study the market

d. If you as a person and business owner are not present on social networks and/or have not created a community around your product or service

e. If you are not able to motivate people, showing them how in the company each of them can make their dream come true or if, for example, you have a grumpy, selfish or grouchy character

Then for your company the crisis related to the virus and the closure, is not a tragic event, but it is only the catalyst of problems that have ALREADY existed within the company and that will now manifest themselves in their fullness.

No company that does not fix the points above will be able to face this market easily. But you can always decide to fix them! NOW!