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Following Paolo Valentini’s fantastic live in the MBS group (which I highly recommend if you want to have ideas on how to restart your company) and following all the practical examples he has provided, I think this is the ESSENTIAL imperative if you want to overcome this crisis:


From the restaurateurs who have already started organizing the delivery, to the beauty centers that have begun to sell their video consultations on the skin, to the dance teachers who are teaching via skype, to those who have finally managed to make e-commerce work, to the Carpentry of Lendinara who has contacted all the customers in its area and asked them to send videos of the house so as to provide them without commitment with renderings of the work that could be done, to the ice cream shop that has made the sales record in March bringing ice cream at people's homes, etc., etc. All the companies that are overcoming the crisis have one thing in common: THEY HAVE STOPPED JUSTIFYING ZERO PRODUCTIVITY and have started to develop their skills.

If you do it, not only will your business be strengthened, but you will also have seized the great opportunity that this crisis is giving to you.

If, on the other hand, you wait for everything to return to normal, well, you will soon realize that your company will come out greatly reduced.

Become skilled! No more justifications!