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I feel like I don’t have any more a company.

Yes, because almost 300 of my consultants in Italy are unable to go to client companies or organize training events. Of course, with smart working and with technological solutions we are working from home and we will probably close March with only 50% of the turnover less. All considered a discreet result but, in any case, a loss of several hundred thousand euros. And we are only at the beginning…

As the restrictive measures increased, I met virtually my partners and colleagues and we asked ourselves what to do, and even more now that the measures are going towards a total block of the activities. Doing smart working, webinars, put the seeds for the future, having a couple of weeks of vacation, writing books, etc. all useful things, but none of these things motivated or ignited us.

The only thing that motivated us was to MAKE ITALY START AGAIN, to help all Italian small and medium-sized enterprises to pass through this difficult period unscathed and to ensure that they were ready for the 6th of April (or when it will be). We not only liked this, but it motivated us a mess, each of us.

So we said to ourselves: to hell, let's forget about turnover, sales, cash flow and let's concentrate all 300 people on one thing: HELP SMALL MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISES TO START UP, TO RESTART THE ECONOMY OF THIS COUNTRY.

And this is why, starting from Monday 16th of March, for three weeks we will put in practice the most massive free training and consultancy program ever carried out by an Italian company.

We will open a free Virtual School on our MBS - Mind Business School group where every day, for three weeks, we will have 3 live presentations by top entrepreneurs and experts in their sector, one at 2:30 p.m, one at 6:30 p.m. and one at 8:30 p.m. We have a schedule that will amaze you: from how to promote and do marketing, to building a successful personal brand, to managing banks, resilience, financial crisis management, making big sales, managing situations with the taxman, acquiring large customers, building an online sales project, delegate, etc., etc., etc. all talks held by some of our top experts. In a nutshell in 3 weeks, for free, we want to train as many entrepreneurs as possible at the highest levels so that, once the emergency is over, they are ready to start with great strength and thus recover the lost ground.

But it does not end here: OSM and its friendly companies: Partner D’Impresa (a network of accountants and labor consultants who do not limit themselves to doing F24 but are real partners of the entrepreneur) and the Association Imprenditore Non Sei Solo can count nearly 350 business consultants and top-level business coaches. Well we will put all these consultants to work for FREE, using smart working, to help all small and medium Italian companies that wish to fix any problematic situation they may have and prepare for a restart with a bang: every Italian entrepreneur can request a free coaching with an expert on:

- FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: face the crisis or understand margins, costs or make a strategy to generate profits

- MARKETING: how to promote yourself, build a brand, generate leads and sales

- EMPLOYMENT CONSULTING: manage layoffs, contracts, suspension of work, have access to benefits

-ACCOUNTANT: management of relations with the tax authorities, margins, installments, etc.

- HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT: evaluate people, motivate people, choose, attract, train or manage collaborators

- BUSINESS PROJECT: analyze your business plan or build a new one. Our goal: 10,000 entrepreneurs who have successfully passed the crisis period and who have a great project (with marketing, collaborators, financial strategies, determination and motivation of the group) to make a huge sprint in the last three quarters of the year.

Even if today we are facing big problems, we want Italy to start again. And we will do it starting with the first live on March 16th at 2.30 pm. It will be my one-hour live broadcast in the MBS - Mind Business School group on Resilience and Recovery from Moments of Difficulty.

Any entrepreneur or business owner who wants to participate, should simply request the access to the private MBS group. It will not be possible to access it for company collaborators, but only for Entrepreneurs, General Managers or VAT holders.

Tomorrow we will publish the calendar of 54 interventions that we will hold in the next three weeks with speakers and timetables. A landing page will also be online by Monday to request one or even all six free coaching. In the meantime, if someone wants to apply immediately, just write immediately to info@osmanagement.it indicating the details of the company, contacts and what type of coaching is required.

Obviously in carrying out these coaching we will give priority to customers enrolled in our MBS School of Management (we are always their debtors), then to customers of OSM or its franchises and subsequently to all other companies. But there will be room for everyone.

We will not be stopped by anything and will take advantage of these next three weeks, where we normally invoice nearly 1 million, to help as many companies as possible to overcome this challenge. It doesn't matter if they are our customers or not. Not all damage comes to harm. See you on Monday at 2.30 pm in the MBS group. And remember that "If you follow the Rules of Success, any disaster that hits you will also bring with it the seed of a great opportunity that you will not understand at the moment but much later."

Our goal is to build a better Italy. And to do this we need entrepreneurs to survive.

Let's start!