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Paolo Ruggeri is the author of several books dealing with company and people management. To get you started on your path to self-transformation, we have decided to translate in Spanish 7 of our most important materials:

1. The New Leaders, a Leadership Manual for the Third Millenium Manager: second edition, in Spanish.

2. The Ten Rules of Success, a short impactful book that will teach you the ten rules meant to revolutionize your ideas and relationships with others so as to achieve greater results. Translated in Spanish.

3. The Ethics of Excellence, a book on moral principles that make a difference not only in the personal life, but also at work. Now available in Spanish.

4. Learn How to Delegate in 1 Hour: delegation can be hard, but it can also free up a lot of time if you learn the rules of how to delegate effectively. Now the Spanish version.

5. Toxic People: learning to recognize the people who can make your life and work miserable. Translated in Spanish.

6. How to Make Your First Million Dollar: 13 strategies that will help managers and business owners to change the profitability of their business. Now the Spanish edition.

7. Time is not infinite: learning how to use your time in a better way so as to become more productive with less work! Translated in Spanish.

Find out how to make a difference in your company and in your life! To inquire about Paolo's books or to order them click here https://www.paoloruggeri.net/buy-paolo-ruggeri-books.asp