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Today I have been in Dubai giving a presentation about the successful actions of business owners and entrepreneurs who in the Gulf States thrive doesn't matter the economic condition. 

They adopt six specific strategies: 

1) Handle Internal Reasons: don't justify poor perfomarce looking outside the company. Fix what doesn't work inside. 
2) Accept a scary challenge: get out of the comfort zone. Do more emotional sacrifices. 
3) Write your five years goals. Be specific and detailed and keep your list 
4) First WHO then WHAT: building a business today has everything to do with working with the best possible people. These are not necessarily the most expensive but they are the most enthusiastic 
5) Fix your entrepreneurial strategy: in order to make money first you have to work on yourself, then learn to delegate and build a team, learn to apply financial principles and then you'll learn how to invest. 
6) Study: the company mirrors the owner. If the owner doesn't improve, the company will not improve. 

The slides of my presentation are attached. 

On the 5th and 6th of November we will have in Dubai the first two days training with the Growth Acceleration Program where entrepreneurs and managers will learn how to build a very successful team. 
Thanks to http://www.osm-uae.com/ for the great organization. 

Paolo Ruggeri 

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