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This thank-you letter is a perfect example of why we do what we do


Hi Paolo, today a few extraordinary things happened and I wanted to share them with you.
Yesterday was a day from hell, and really the whole week just made me want to throw in the towel ... but today has been a simply crazy Friday.

This morning I was called by a friend whom I had asked to help S*** F***, and after talking to her for 20 minutes (and after opening my "toolbox" with all the tools I have acquired from your courses and from S***), I learned that I had helped her to lift the fog ... and it made me feel great.

Shortly after, I left home for an appointment in Lodi but I felt that I just had to go to the office first, something in my head told me to go there... and I found two of my collaborators were at their wits' end, completely destroyed.
For 15 minutes I hug them, cheer them up, tell them I’m so grateful to have such loyal people at my side, and they magically come back to life.

I left for Lodi to meet P*** S*** about the proposal we discussed when I saw him at MBS: I had a feeling we could do great things together. We met and it was fantastic (after he presented Z*** at MBS, I approached him to give him my business card).
I liked him very much, he's really a great person and I think the meeting went well: I’m sure something great will happen.

As I head home on the highway, I call a friend. I’m helping him find a way out of trouble with his demotivating parents and girlfriend (his life is going badly, he feels frustrated and thinks he’s worthless even though he’s really awesome) and he tells me that after reading your books (which I had given him) and after talking with him, he feels that the fog is finally lifting and is starting to understand what is going on around him more clearly.

In the early afternoon, one of S***’s salespeople calls me, one I have never met before ... someone doesn’t know anything about our meeting that very morning, and tells me that he wants to work together and tells me the same things that P*** S*** told me: crazy, incredible!!!! Neither he nor S*** had said a word to each other, yet on the same day with different paths they practically made the same proposal to me.

Around 18:00, I get a call from my accountant, whom I had just met a few days ago: his life has been destroyed by some serious events and he has lost his way, his faith, and sees a black future and no longer knows what to do.
After talking to me for half an hour, he decides he wants me to help: I immediately bought two of your books on Amazon (10 Rules of Success and Ethics of Excellence) and I had them express mailed so Monday he can start studying them right away, and I will start thinking about how I can introduce him to the path of growth that I have in mind for him with you.

Tonight, at 21:00, a friend called me (whom I had also introduced to OSM and who will be with me at MBS on February 23) to tell me he had a great idea: he wants to help a mutual friend who is in serious trouble and would like to use the OSM tools.
I told him that I am with him all the way and that I will help him reach his goal.

The great thing is that the seeds I put in my friends have produced trees that in turn are creating other seeds.

Now I understand what you feel, what you feel when you do your job and why you continue on your way to the "Great ME" with all the energy I feel when I meet you.

Thank you for deciding to write your books, thank you for creating OSM and for training your consultants, and thank you for doing what you do and the way you do it.

As I promised, I will help you change the world and, in my small way, I feel that it's working!!!!!

A big hug!!!!