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Although I have recently published several posts on financial investments, I would like to point out that in the vast majority of cases, those who try to make money through speculation, usually end up without even two pennies to rub together.

Money, from what I have understood in my life, depends on:

- Your true motivation. Which is not to make money, but to add value to people. To make a difference in their lives.

- Your desire to help others. Those who have a lot of money are willing to help others for free (and this was true even before they had a lot of money). Meanwhile, those who do not have a cent to their name will only help if they can see a profit or salary in it for them.

- A fanatic and artistic pursuit of perfection, of greatness. My dear friend Daniele Beretta, who is one of the most experienced ergonomics in Italy, rightly states that "the search for perfection in the details brings you closer to God ..."

- How easily you light up and get excited about the little things. How many times in your life you find yourself saying "That's great!" (several times a week = a lot of money, a few times a month = underpaid work). If it's all just a big game, you’ll find yourself working a lot of hours and yet still having a load of fun without ever getting tired. Have you ever seen a child get tired playing their favorite game?

- The people around you. If you're always the smartest in the room, you have a problem. It’s also a problem if you find yourself surrounded by sad people, etc., etc.

- How good you are at selling, organizing, hiring, marketing, and managing people. Paradoxically, knowledge about all these things is available for everyone. You can learn it from me or, somewhat more limited, from one of many former colleagues (some of whom are really very good), who studied at my school and then branched off on their own. But this isn’t the hardest part. The points at the top of the list are.

Ultimately, I think that every human being has been born to be rich, and possesses their own unique and fantastic road to greatness and wealth. To follow it, you must rediscover yourself, work on yourself, and remember to listen to your own voice. Money is more a product of the heart, rather than the wallet.

Financial investments, on the other hand, will come after. When you begin to accumulate your first riches. After all, you will certainly have to manage your portfolio and make it grow: investments, real estate, bonds, annuities, etc. etc.

However, if you try to accumulate wealth without first starting your personal path to greatness, without listening to your voice and embarking on the brave road of self-transformation as described above, then you will find that all attempts to "do business" will only make you "tougher" rather than more spiritual. You will only accumulate additional doubts and self-criticisms. You’ll end up thinking things like "I’m just not fit for business", etc., etc.

You need to follow YOUR path to greatness. Start from your heart and it will take you through your own personal transformation.

I started listening to mine many years ago.