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Make meaning, not money

I have met thousands of entrepreneurs and known extraordinary companies. Many of them have focused on improving their product or service. But whatever your business is, whatever sector you compete in, you have to have a strong desire to create meaning. You have to create a deep change in the world with your business.

Always ask: How do I make a difference in the lives of my clients? How does my product / service manage to solve a problem in their everyday lives?

I assure you that money is just a natural consequence of answering this question.

Google has democratized information. The goal was to have all the information available on a single computer. Google, in this sense, has changed the world.

Youtube has democratized videos. Anyone can create a video easily and for free. Youtube offers a place to express yourself and communicate through the videos.

Ebay has democratized business. Anyone can sell anything they want to get rid of, without obstacles, without barriers. In a few minutes. Today, thanks to Ebay, we can do business with anyone in the world.

I-Tunes and Amazon have democratized the publishing industry. Today anyone can write a book and publish it.

Facebook has made contact with people, helping us all keep in touch with the old friendships as well as establish new ones.

Whatsapp has changed the way we communicate, with its brevity, its speed.

I could give hundreds of example. What does your business do? How can you change the world?

Jump to the next arc

What's the next arc in your industry?

Each product follows an arc: it is born, established, and then disappears. Here's an example. The ice industry at the beginning of the eighteenth century was based on the collection and transport of ice. Taking ice to where it was needed, in places where there was demand. Then came the companies that specialized in ice production. The next arc was the invention of the fridge.

In the telephone industry, Alcatel did not anticipate the arc of the mobile. Nokia and Motorola have been unable to grasp the evolution of the smartphone.

What is the next arc in the industry where you work? Do you understand the importance of asking this question?

Companies fail to skip over to the next arc because they define themselves based on what they do and don't take into account the driving purpose behind what their business actually produces. Alcatel built telephones, but lost sight of the fact that they were supposed to be meeting a very basic need: to help people communicate.

Marketing and sales merge

When a consumer decides to buy something these days, they go into the transaction already know what to expect. People learn everything they need to know on the web. They don't just go on the web anymore, they live on the web. The purchasing process is largely based on information available on the internet. That is where every individual forms their own opinions about your business.

What information is there about you? A company is only as good as its online content.

The ideas are already there, what's missing is the connection

You have to get in the flow. You have to lose yourself to your passion. Reach that mental state where creativity comes naturally, without you even realizing what you're doing. Because the ideas are already there. You just have to follow your instinct, your intuition, to remember the dreams you had when you first started out. Get back your enthusiasm and let yourself be driven by your spirit. Find the connection.