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This is a letter I just received from a customer after a couple of days of One on One Stress Management Training:


Hi Paolo! How are you? I wanted to tell you about this incredible thing, that I came back from Italy as another person! And I wanted to thank you again for this! I ve been feeling that something was wrong with me during the last few years, but I couldn't understand what it was and how I could get out of this depressive condition of weakness and apathy, when before I used to have so many plans, and was always very ambitious. I know I have to work on myself now, but already you opened my eyes and I swear since I came back to xxxxxxxx I haven't had a single negative or sad thought in my mind and I smile all the time, and feel good in my skin. And the craziest thing is how people react on it, the first day at work every single person told me I was beautiful and they communicate with me differently, on the street people look at me in a "shocking me" different way.. and so on. And I really don't want to be the same ever again. I'm feeling very happy and trying to project it on others. Sorry for this long text, just wanted to share with you (plus will keep it for myself as a reminder "how it should be" to reread one day in case) I hope you are doing great ! Lots of love from xxxxxxx. Grazie.

The sense of this letter however is much more than just the fact that our training can create results: every single one of us, if he really wants it, in a very short time could turn around all of his life. It doesn't matter where you start from.