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Why is it necessary to speak to the soul of people within your company?

Because if you don’t communicate with emotion, the message will only be partially understood, or maybe not reach the other person at all.

People aren’t always receptive, they make mistakes and don’t operate optimally. The reason for this ineffectiveness is fear. People are afraid to make bad choices.

The fact is that to feel good you have to be courageous and dangerous. Dangerous in the good sense of the word. Dangerous because we are worthy of the name, because our decisions can really change things.

But how does this help me speak to the soul of someone? How is it possible to speak to an immaterial entity that does not physically exist? The soul understands only the language of souls. We must not communicate with others through the language of “check lists” or “turnover”. To really communicate with others we must speak to the soul by using its own language.

1) Elevate the importance of the message: according to Plato the soul is by nature a symbol of purity and spirituality, as akin to ideas. You must speak with purity, courage and love and sincere concern for others. You must have faith, that you understood how to believe in what is not seen.

For example, if we want to reduce costs, you cannot simply say "we need to reduce costs." If instead you say "Let's save resources in a way that will make a difference for other people" you're talking about the soul.

Saying "we need to make more new customers" may be ineffective, but if you say "Let’s get out there and improve the lives of as many people as possible in the whole world” you're talking with soul and the message will be better understood on a deeper level.

"Let's do more marketing" is no good. Instead, saying "Our ability to communicate with others is what gives human life significance” will more effectively transfer a message.

Simply put, you are giving an added value, an element of social importance to things that otherwise seem confined to the material world.

While one method dismisses employees ineffectively, the other proves that you really believe in the values you practice.

You must be consistent in message and expressed behavior.

2) Have radical faith: You have to be really confident in what you believe, because only true belief can transform what you think and say into reality.

3) Speak to the individual: To be effective, communication must talk to people not as they are, but as they could be. Understand the potential of who is in front of you. Get in touch with the best part of them, the purity that is the true soul of a person.

4) Speak from the heart: Talk about the things that make your heart pumping. To excite others, you must talk about things that make you, yourself, excited.

We live in eternal battle, that between the material universe and the spiritual universe. Keep the future in mind when you speak, because by doing so you have the ability to create and shape your surroundings.

Paolo Ruggeri

Mind Power