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I think that we speak too little of the great satisfaction inherent in being an entrepreneur. Most speeches about the economy and the workplace concern topics such as "the falling purchasing power, the crisis of the fourth week, the fate of the precarious", etc. Mind you, these are all important issues and should be discussed.

But why don’t we stop talking just about "how to limit the misery" and start talking about how to REALLY CREATE WEALTH AND PROSPERITY? If you want to really create wealth, the one and only answer is: You need to be an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur is a challenge, it takes courage, concentration, passion for the products or services, intelligent management. At first, you’re missing many of these things and all you feel is fear, then gradually you develop these things or you better understand how to do them. Then the fear disappears, and all you have left is excitement.

Being an entrepreneur allows you to stop complaining about things that don’t go well, being underpaid, of not being valued, that your boss doesn’t understand you, etc. and allows you to do something about it: open your company and show how it’s done.

Being an entrepreneur, if you’re a good one, meaning if you really have PASSION for what you do, allows you to have the economic rewards that you would never have even dreamed possible (especially true in these months of the year when you need to pay dividends...).

Being an entrepreneur gives you the satisfaction of seeing your employees grow, buying a house, maturing as a person, starting a family, feeling successful.

Being an entrepreneur allows you to really grow: an entrepreneur is not just a matter of going to open the VAT/EIN or passing by the notary to found your Ltd, and is certainly not taking part in a network marketing hoax. Being an entrepreneur is something more. It’s APPLICATION, DECISION, COMMITMENT, PREDICTION.

I can sum it all up in a single word: CONCENTRATION. Being an entrepreneur is a routine that always requires great concentration and, as it’s done, you realize that it not only changes your degree of prosperity, but you yourself become more and more effective and always discover new resources that you had never imagined .

In the end, being an entrepreneur is life-changing. If you've never done it, someday you should try it.

Enough with all this talk about poverty, about fourth week crisis, that there is no money. Although I understand them and I always try to help, I’ve gotten rather tired of all this talk. The world is full of opportunities, today more than ever. And when you don’t understand, know that it isn’t the world that is wrong, but it is much more likely that it is your attitude that is wrong.


Paolo Ruggeri