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Men have been in command of companies for many years, because to create value and to earn money one needed strength. You were a warrior, a farmer or a merchant, you had to be strong, aggressive and competitive. Unless you possessed these features your survival as an individual was in danger, or it would at least be difficult to get into a position of command. Today the competition has shifted to other human areas. From a competitive environment based on force, we have turned into a company whose dynamics are based on ideas and alliances.
Even the internal dynamics of the company have changed: it has gone from an aggressive and competitive scene to one that rewards collaboration and the ability to motivate and generate enthusiasm.

Let's look at the evidence. Research done by Ernest & Young shows that companies with at least one woman on the board will make greater profits than those where women are absent. According to another study, conducted by McKinsey, companies with equal representation on the board enjoy higher profits (by 56%!) compared to other companies.

Society is undergoing a feminization of values. What are feminine values? Care, love, affection, the ability to develop interpersonal relationships.

To continue to generate value it is therefore necessary to grasp the changes in society. If we think about it for a moment, we realize that the symbols of power have changed. What a few years ago was seen as a symbol of social success, is no longer considered so today. The car, for example, is no longer a symbol of power, not as much as it once was.

This is not about who's better, women or men, the key point is to understand that there are new values, that are becoming ever more crucial, and that belong more to the world of women.

- Emphasis has been moved from authority, to collaboration and motivation: leadership once was based on the authoritarian model, but today the critical factor of success depends on the ability to motivate people and to develop synergies.
- Emotional growth: there are different emotional scales, and those who can recognize the different nuances have an advantage in building relationships.
- Networking: Today, alliances are an exceptional competitive advantage
- Caring for others: Customer care is crucial in order for a company to run smoothly.
- Ability to break down barriers: Women are used to fighting for things, whenever social restrictions haven't permitted them something or tried to hold them back. They need to be determined to overcome barriers, which are sometimes imposed by clichés.

In a market that is so strongly characterized by typical male traits, attention to detail, and orientation towards economic results, the sensitivity typical of the female world, their ability to listen to and understand the needs of those around them, can really make a difference. Women are essential because they possess natural skills that integrate seamlessly with those of their male colleagues.

These are the main reasons why companies with women in management are able to obtain excellent results.

You must be aware of this shift of values towards the female world and adapt your business strategies and dynamics accordingly.

Paolo Ruggeri