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Asia is growing fast as far as opportunities are concerned.

Some of the companies that come to Asia, however, are still bringing here their local idea of business.

Western companies and salespeople most of the time react with slow and complicated answers to their possible Asian customers, leaving space and time to the competitors. If you are not fast enough at an average level,you need to improve it or you'll end up losing opportunities... and I'm talking about hours, not days.

Sometimes deals can be decided in 10 minutes meeting and one of the key factors to be successful is that you need to have accurate data about your products and services always available. Yes, data! This because the decision process is most of the times a team decision and if you have the data instantly available, it will help you gaining the trust of the counterpart, in other words, you will be considered different from your competitors that in the same situation just say “We can do it! no worries”.

One of the interesting things that happen after you share the data in a sales meeting, is that you will have the rare opportunity to see, among a group of ten or more people sitting in front of you, who are the technical leaders and the decision-makers. And this is really helpful to target the right message to the right people.

When you'll have the next sales meeting in Asia be prepared with all of the data and information. 

Speed in Asia is very very important. Don't be a slow company.

Greets from Shanghai

Leonardo Gon