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If you want to know how to hire good people, then you must not undermine the importance of pre-employment tests. 

Personnel profiles are very informative but they do not always necessarily answer all the questions. So, it is vital that pre-employment tests should be conducted. 

Here is a list of ways in which you could test potential employees: 

Online Tests 

Large business organizations do not have the time to invite employees to their premises and conduct written tests. Therefore, they make use of technology and conduct online testing. These tests, like the Human Talent Analysis, are designed specifically for different types of workers and help employers in the hiring process. 

Psychological Tests 

This is a new trend that is quickly gaining prominence. Employers test the emotional intelligence of potential employees; this sort of testing enables employers to assess whether these workers are good at working with other people and how they react in stressful situations. 

Personality Tests 

These tests inform you of the personality traits of your employees. You may ask their likes or dislikes and their preferences in terms of work. 

Building a pre-screening system for your organization
Whatever procedure you decide to follow in your organization, make sure you do have a system in place to understand beforehand what are the unique qualities and what is the potential of the person you are consider for hiring. 

A well structured recruitment process does often make the difference between success and infinite struggle.

Paolo Ruggeri