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I consider myself a great friend of the United States of America. I support and cherish the ideals of freedom contained in the Declaration of Independence. Over the years I also created a lot of business and a lot of money for american companies. I consider the USA my second home. 

Yet I am a supporter of Wikileaks. I support wikileaks because I believe governments, including the US government, must come clean and adopt transparency. 

Mr. Manning (the whistleblower who allegedly stole the confidential cables) IMO has not been a man of honour: he broke a sacred trust. He was a soldier. He shouldn't betray his group. 

The position of Julian Assange is different. I don't know the man, so I don't know if he is a good person or a bad person. I cannot tell. If he molested other women, it's not ok. 

However he is right in publishing the cables. Let the governments of the world be transparent. I am against confidentiality and secrecy by governments. If their dealings are ethical why should they keep it hidden?

The United States should know better. Don't prosecute Assange for publishing the cables.  

Paolo Ruggeri