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Human capital is the basis of economic growth today.

Modern companies are like icebergs. The part above the water comprises the tangible (visible) capital of the company: buildings, equipment, machinery and even the cash on hand. Below the water we have the intangible (invisible) capital of the company: the knowledge the company possesses, the degree of engagement and enthusiasm of the employees, the internal climate, the reputation it has on the market.

Today the intangible capital is key. A company may be very strong on the tangible capital side, but if it is weak in intangible capital, it will struggle on the market. A company's people are the true owners of the intangible capital of the company: if you don't know how to manage them, if you aren't able to engage them in the company and keep them enthusiastic about what they are doing and why they are doing it, you'll encounter a lot of resistance on the market. 

To win these days, you need to work on the intangible capital of your company. 

Paolo Ruggeri