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How to avoid hiring mistakes

How to avoid hiring mistakes -

Hiring mistakes can be costly. Their cost is not limited to the monetary cost of wages and salary. Think, for instance, of the cost in terms of your frustration (and consequent inability to motivate others in the team) of the lack of work execution, the costs of lost opportunities, the costs in terms of time lost on training that now you have to re-do for a new person, etc etc. 

In the following video Steve Jobs explains how, by hiring the wrong person, he almost destroyed his own company: 

That is why it is key to know, beforehand, the potential of the person you are allowing in to your team. By using the I Profile Analysis you can gain important insights in the applicant's productivity and potential before you go ahead with your hiring decision. 

Testing an applicant for potential and productivity with the I-Profile Analysis may cost you perhaps 150 dollars, or even less, but it may save you literally tens of thousands of dollars in terms of lost revenue, stress, and headaches. 

For more information about the Personnel Profile or for a free trial, email us at info@paoloruggeri.net or call us at 786 683 7369