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What have we been up to?

With the addition of Spanish and Japanese editions to our extensive publication of The New Leaders, we are continuing to take steady steps towards a worldwide introduction of our values and method.

And with OSM Kids, we will also be sharing that same message with young minds. Immortality is achieved when the youth of today embrace our values and carry them into the future, which is an investment we can’t afford to miss.

This past month we also made another trip to London for a presentation on Sales and Business Development for Market Makers. London is an amazing city filled with amazing people, and we plan on returning in the near future.

What are we doing next?

In addition to our regular courses throughout Italy, we will also be making a return trip to Lisbon on July 15. After the great success of our May event, we now look forward to another motivating and inspiring visit with the help of our partners from Portuguese Entrepreneurs.

We are also happy to announce that OSM is now ready for world domination, and we are inviting YOU to come with us as we sail to distant shores. If you are passionate about bringing OSM services and tools to your home area, we are ready to help.

By joining our ever growing list of successful international franchises, we can give you the support and know-how that will jump start your career in human resources. Have a look at our brochure (info now also available in Spanish), and contact one of our offices to get started!


Attached is our Official Partnership Brochure.

Take the next step in your career, and find out how we can help you climb the ladder of professional independence and achievement!

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OSM International is now offering Franchise opportunities in Spain and Latin America!

If you want to start a business in the field of human resources, why do it alone?
Check out our offer in the attachment below (in Spanish)

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I really enjoyed London where I have given a presentation regarding Sales and Business Development. 

I found a vibrant situation, many start ups and... a beautiful city. 

Great Britain is really Great! 

Slides of my presentation are attached. 

Paolo Ruggeri 

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My company's next big project, OSM Kids:

A cartoon series for children, created so that we can teach the principles of prosperity to our future generations.

If you want to change the world, you need to start with those who will be tomorrow's adults. By working NOW on the leaders of the coming decades, we can create profound change in just a few steps.

Paolo Ruggeri


Yesterday nite together with Osm International Group I had a chance to deliver a presentation to a group of very interesting Portoguese entrepreneurs. All in all I was impressed by their values and energy.

I described the strategies that European SME's that are beating the recession have in common. 

Thank you very much to Gonçalo Henriques of www.entrepreneurs.pt for the assistance and help.

We are looking for franchisee's and partners in Portugal for Osm International Group www.osmconsultgroup.com 

Slides in portoguese attached in PDF.

Paolo Ruggeri 

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The first 3 chapters of Los Nuevos Líderes are now available in Spanish!

For your free copy, just visit our pages on Amazon or Google Play or iTunes

Paolo Ruggeri

I think that we speak too little of the great satisfaction inherent in being an entrepreneur. Most speeches about the economy and the workplace concern topics such as "the falling purchasing power, the crisis of the fourth week, the fate of the precarious", etc. Mind you, these are all important issues and should be discussed.

But why don’t we stop talking just about "how to limit the misery" and start talking about how to REALLY CREATE WEALTH AND PROSPERITY? If you want to really create wealth, the one and only answer is: You need to be an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur is a challenge, it takes courage, concentration, passion for the products or services, intelligent management. At first, you’re missing many of these things and all you feel is fear, then gradually you develop these things or you better understand how to do them. Then the fear disappears, and all you have left is excitement.

Being an entrepreneur allows you to stop complaining about things that don’t go well, being underpaid, of not being valued, that your boss doesn’t understand you, etc. and allows you to do something about it: open your company and show how it’s done.

Being an entrepreneur, if you’re a good one, meaning if you really have PASSION for what you do, allows you to have the economic rewards that you would never have even dreamed possible (especially true in these months of the year when you need to pay dividends...).

Being an entrepreneur gives you the satisfaction of seeing your employees grow, buying a house, maturing as a person, starting a family, feeling successful.

Being an entrepreneur allows you to really grow: an entrepreneur is not just a matter of going to open the VAT/EIN or passing by the notary to found your Ltd, and is certainly not taking part in a network marketing hoax. Being an entrepreneur is something more. It’s APPLICATION, DECISION, COMMITMENT, PREDICTION.

I can sum it all up in a single word: CONCENTRATION. Being an entrepreneur is a routine that always requires great concentration and, as it’s done, you realize that it not only changes your degree of prosperity, but you yourself become more and more effective and always discover new resources that you had never imagined .

In the end, being an entrepreneur is life-changing. If you've never done it, someday you should try it.

Enough with all this talk about poverty, about fourth week crisis, that there is no money. Although I understand them and I always try to help, I’ve gotten rather tired of all this talk. The world is full of opportunities, today more than ever. And when you don’t understand, know that it isn’t the world that is wrong, but it is much more likely that it is your attitude that is wrong.


Paolo Ruggeri


No matter how messed up your business or your life may be, there is still a path for you to recover and get back in shape. Even if at this moment it’s difficult for you to see it. There are many entrepreneurs who are wisely looking for solutions, instead of being overcome by pessimism. These are some of the actions that they all have in common:

In the face of less suboptimal corporate results "Looking for external causes" means blaming these results on the crisis, on the economic trend. These days for an entrepreneur it’s very easy to find the "external causes", to justify the less than fantastic progress in his company. Just turn on the TV or read any newspaper and there they are, in plain sight, dozens of excuses to explain away the suboptimal performance of our businesses. Watching the INTERNAL causes, however, compels each of us to look for and fix what does not work within our companies. These internal factors, rather than the crisis or customer difficulties or the market, are what determine the unsatisfactory results of our companies.

What is the "comfort zone"? It’s a cozy place, where you're good, where you would love to stay forever. And what is out of the "comfort zone"? Hard work, commitment, fatigue, disappointment, stress, difficult choices... Now, why would anyone ever want to leave the comfort zone knowing that all of this is out there waiting for them? Leaving the "comfort zone" can seem impossible, but it' s out of this area that we create value for ourselves and for our company.

In a market like today where there’s an abundance of supply, and where there is less money in circulation and therefore fewer customers, one can not underestimate the power of promotion. In these new economic scenarios, the motto of small and medium-sized enterprises that are growing and making good profits, must certainly be “abundant marketing” in the sense that these companies devote communication and a large part of their energies and resources.

You have to create a corporate dashboard that allows you to monitor monthly revenue, earnings and liquidity. If you don’t know how you've done in the past month, how will you ever know what needs repairing? If your company is losing money you need to know in near real time so as to be able to intervene and fix what does not work. You can’t afford to wait and find out six months later or at the budget evaluation. You also cannot delegate it to the accountant. You are the one that must know. Entrepreneurs who make good profits devote about 15% of their time to the financial management of the company, and to studying and improving the performance of sales, earnings and liquidity. Not keeping track of these statistics, or just “winging it” with regard to financial aspects, is one of the major problems plaguing businesses.

The value of a business idea is directly proportional to the quality of the people who join you in your passion for it. Even if you have a brilliant and innovative idea, but are joined only by low to medium quality people, that idea isn’t going to take over the market. Companies that come to excel in the market first make sure to attract the best talent available in the group, the most capable and productive people they can afford, and THEN decide what to do next. Whereas companies that suffer first establish the WHAT (i.e. what are the goals that they would like to achieve) and then try to get help from whichever people they already have.

The ability to dream and imagine, determination, passion and a touch of madness, go hand in hand with another important aspect of character that unites those entrepreneurs who are beating the crisis: they are, first and foremost, courageous. Courage is not the lack of fear, but an awareness of your own power, the value of your ideas and the great person that you are. Courage, vision, desire for victory, the willingness to be the first to accept a great challenge, and a touch of madness, are just some of the aspects of character that make not only great managers but, most importantly, great men. Accept a challenge to bring more value to your customers and remember that, in the words of Erasmus, “the best ideas come not from reason, but from a lucid and visionary madness.” Character is the secret weapon of every great entrepreneur.

It seems trivial, but this tip is deeper than it might seem. If it becomes "just a job" or "just an economic activity," if we no longer feel the PASSION to see the face of a client in front of our great creation, if all our company has become is a mere excel sheet or statistical chart, then perhaps we are missing an ingredient. You have to like what you do and you have to like a lot. Remember that even if someone earns well, people open companies above all to have fun, and when the fun ends… so does the company.

Everyone struggles at one time or another. It's what makes us human. But now go out there and make your business grow!

Paolo Ruggeri


Men have been in command of companies for many years, because to create value and to earn money one needed strength. You were a warrior, a farmer or a merchant, you had to be strong, aggressive and competitive. Unless you possessed these features your survival as an individual was in danger, or it would at least be difficult to get into a position of command. Today the competition has shifted to other human areas. From a competitive environment based on force, we have turned into a company whose dynamics are based on ideas and alliances.
Even the internal dynamics of the company have changed: it has gone from an aggressive and competitive scene to one that rewards collaboration and the ability to motivate and generate enthusiasm.

Let's look at the evidence. Research done by Ernest & Young shows that companies with at least one woman on the board will make greater profits than those where women are absent. According to another study, conducted by McKinsey, companies with equal representation on the board enjoy higher profits (by 56%!) compared to other companies.

Society is undergoing a feminization of values. What are feminine values? Care, love, affection, the ability to develop interpersonal relationships.

To continue to generate value it is therefore necessary to grasp the changes in society. If we think about it for a moment, we realize that the symbols of power have changed. What a few years ago was seen as a symbol of social success, is no longer considered so today. The car, for example, is no longer a symbol of power, not as much as it once was.

This is not about who's better, women or men, the key point is to understand that there are new values, that are becoming ever more crucial, and that belong more to the world of women.

- Emphasis has been moved from authority, to collaboration and motivation: leadership once was based on the authoritarian model, but today the critical factor of success depends on the ability to motivate people and to develop synergies.
- Emotional growth: there are different emotional scales, and those who can recognize the different nuances have an advantage in building relationships.
- Networking: Today, alliances are an exceptional competitive advantage
- Caring for others: Customer care is crucial in order for a company to run smoothly.
- Ability to break down barriers: Women are used to fighting for things, whenever social restrictions haven't permitted them something or tried to hold them back. They need to be determined to overcome barriers, which are sometimes imposed by clichés.

In a market that is so strongly characterized by typical male traits, attention to detail, and orientation towards economic results, the sensitivity typical of the female world, their ability to listen to and understand the needs of those around them, can really make a difference. Women are essential because they possess natural skills that integrate seamlessly with those of their male colleagues.

These are the main reasons why companies with women in management are able to obtain excellent results.

You must be aware of this shift of values towards the female world and adapt your business strategies and dynamics accordingly.

Paolo Ruggeri


Today in Bologna Italy I delivered a presentation about how the values of society are shifting and how this change requires more women or the adoption of "female values" in the work place. 

As usual I had a lot of fun. Slides (in English) are attached. 

Paolo Ruggeri 

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During the last two days I delivered a training for I-Profile Bulgaria www.iprofile.bg to an impressive group of Bulgarian salespeople and business owners. 

It was a long time since I had delivered a presentation on sales and I really enjoyed cover again the subject.  Slides of the presentation are attached. 

Thank you very much to George Naydenov and JCI Bulgaria for the organization. 

Paolo Ruggeri 

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Yesterday night I gave a short presentation in Sofia, Bulgaria, of the book The New Leaders. 

I was particularly inspired, it was a good presentation. Slides are attached. 

Paolo Ruggeri 

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Yesterday, here in Miami Beach, I held two sessions regarding how to develop and motivate people. 

Attached are the slides of the presentation. 

Paolo Ruggeri 

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Yesterday I was a guest of BNI of Sao Paulo in Brazil where I delivered a one hour presentation about the successful actions and practices of European Small and Mid Size Companies that did win against the economic downturn. 

I want to thank Fabio Costa of Lavoro Più Brazil for the invitation. 

A PDF of the slides is attached. 

Paolo Ruggeri 

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Tonight, together with the staff of www.iprofilebrasil.com  I delivered a presentation to the BBS Sao Paulo Business School http://bbs.edu.br/ 

I have gone over the tools and attitudes of people who are capable of creating good teams. 

Slides are attached. 

For more information about the services delivered by I-Profile Brazil, write to info@iprofilebrasil.com 

Paolo Ruggeri 

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Today I have delivered a Leadership Training to the customers of I-Profile Sao Paulo. Even though time was not very much we were able to cover many of the concepts that help build a really successful group of people. 

I want to thank Fabio Costa and Paolo Fini di I-Profile Brasil for the translation and support. 

Slides of the presentation (in portoguese) are attached. 

Paolo Ruggeri 

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Tonight, in Sao Paulo, I gave a presentation to a group of Brazilian managers and business owners on how to create value through people. 

It was a beautiful evening. In that occasion I also presented the hard copy portoguese edition of The New Leaders. 

I want to thank www.iprofilebrasil.com for the great organization and Hector Mejido from IED for the hospitality. 

Portoguese slides of my presentation are attached. 

Whoever would like additional copies of the book, it is on sale at the FNAC in Sao Paulo, in the best Sao Paulo bookstores as well as directly from info@paoloruggeri.net. 


Paolo Ruggeri 

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Os Novos Lideres, the portoguese translation of The New Leaders, is already the number one Leadership book sold on I-Tunes store. 

Thanks to all my Brasilian friends and customers.

Paolo Ruggeri 

Attached you'll find the slides of my presentation to the RSG franchisee's at the SpA Hotel in Tunbridge Wells. 

I did enjoy the audience and the people. Whoever would like some more information or tipos on his analysis can write me at info@paoloruggeri.net 

Paolo Ruggeri 

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